1. The Real Results of The Vampire Facelift Before and After

    Vampire facials aren’t just the next wacky skin trend. It’s not the equivalent of a microderm or a chemical peel and it isn’t going to go away tomorrow. Some refer to them as “the vampire facelift,” but their medical name describes them as a “PRP treatment for the face.” Since it’s a fast healing process that medical professionals everywhere apply to slow healing ailments it eventu…Read More

  2. What Is A PRP Treatment For The Face?

    Kim Kardashian called it the “vampire facial” which, we feel, gave it something like a bad rap. You aren’t bathing in virgin’s blood, you aren’t even injecting someone else's blood into your body, you’re just trying to give your skin the good nutrients it needs to look and feel great. So when PRP treatments for the face are met with cringes and raised eyebrows, it’s really completely…Read More